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Mobile support provided by Jerry Whiting / QRdvark.com.

Video and editing provided by Patrick Burke

A QR code is a black square-patterned barcode which can be read by android, iphone and smartphones with free barcode reader apps and cameras in them. The technology has been around since a Toyota subsidiary created it in 1994, but only just beginning to take off in the US. Rock|DeMent visual art space utilizes this new technology in their April exhibition, Access Point.

QR is the abbreviation for Quick Response. Artists Stephen Rock and Nichole DeMent respond to the advanced speed of the world where convenience and technology go hand in hand with this interactive exhibition. Visitors will visually experience a room filled with what appears to be black and white abstract graphics which, upon scanning with a phone, will quickly access the hidden data selected by the artists. Through this exhibition the artists pose questions about current themes in art, society, and technology, as well as inspire dialog about how information is accessed and the potential to affect response through new media.



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