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Stephen Rock
Monkey in a Cave

June 3rd - June 30th, 2010
Opening reception: June 3rd , 6:00 to 9pm

"Pilgramage" (detail)
57" x 92"
acrylic on canvas

Stephen Rock
New acrylic on canvas paintings

These works are a continued exploration of the use of color and abstract imagery to convey emotion and energy. Influenced by graffiti culture and the symbols of a merging world, the art takes on a primal marking process. Layers of painted energy translate into non-referential icons.
Recently returning from a visit to the Catalan region of Europe, the artist reflects on influences from prehistoric cave painting at Peche Merle to the street art of Barcelona and the multitude of creative styles from throughout the region. As our predecessors did by connecting visual observation with graphic representation, Rock continues to scratch the walls of our collective cave in a desire to document, dream, and articulate his experience to the world.

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