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November 5th - January 2nd :: Special to Rock|DeMent
Double-Take ::
C-prints by Mateo Zapata Zachai

Double-Take is a series of literally deconstructed photographs by Mateo
Zapata Zachai at Rock|DeMent visual art space for November and December. It's an unorthodox approach to photography - punching holes in 6” x 7” negatives and using the punch-outs to construct/re-construct a photograph in the color darkroom. The photographs in Double-Take feature images from
Seattle neighborhoods.

Zachai developed the hole-punch technique in 1998 while a graduate student at Yale University. At first glance, the images are austere and ordered – seeming to ride the coolness of the Modernist grid. But the black background with rows of disaggregated photographic circles quickly takes on a jumpy and expanding logic that reaches in many directions: The images within the dots aren’t necessarily playing by the rules the viewer would rationally expect. The effect is both playful and challenging – Zachai’s take on issues of representation are just as serious as his exacting focus on technique.

Zachai’s previous series, Evidence, was the subject of a critically-acclaimed solo exhibition at Seattle’s Center on Contemporary Art.

Zachai received his MFA in Photography from Yale University in 1999 and BFA in Interdisciplinary Studies from San Francisco Art Institute in 1997. He teaches photography and design at the Photographic Center Northwest in Seattle, Washington.

The artist will be in attendance at the 1st Thursday receptions in November and December and by appointment.
Email Mateo Zachai here. More info and images at Zachai.com.

Learning Blocks,
acrylic & hand formed reclaimed wood
by Stephen Rock

Portraits (with a lens cap on),
c-prints by Nichole DeMent


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