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the 2nd Horseman installation view

at Rock|DeMent
October | November 2008
      Nichole DeMent & Stephen Rock
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room installation of sound/video, large format images and sculptural components

Nichole DeMent & Stephen Rock collaborate to address the changing landscape of the American Heartland. Using large format printing, sound and video, they have transformed their Tashiro Kaplan studio exhibition space once again into an environment to challenge viewers and spur dialog. Confronting current economic issues, housing and development challenges and the tightening of American pocketbooks, the artists ask what is our collective role in the greed and exploitation that has led us to the edge of the current crisis? By blending images of farmland, sounds of development and sculptural elements, they put the viewer right in the middle of the issue - preserve the agricultural lands we need or develop them to stimulate growth.


Special thanks: Rock Brothers for model home & wheat stalk construction.

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