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An Inconvenient Picnic

we sit at the table of mankind
ignore for a moment
how inconvenient this picnic is

join the feast
the guilt free rite of spring
a season of renewal

remember to save for a future generation
so they too can sit for a moment
and delight in the bounty
we need to preserve

-Stephen Rock               

An Inconvenient Picnic room installation
Nichole DeMent | Stephen Rock | Rock Bros.

Indulge yourself in this walk through a park installation. Featuring the beautifully built ash & douglas fir table by Doug Rock - altered with the assistance of Jeff & Stephen Rock. Along with Nichole DeMent's photo-based table settings, this installation contributes to the current dialogue of environmental concerns and our roll we play in the altering of our ecosystem.

"Thank you for sharing this with me. I feel totally immersed in your studio and it brings a smile to my face!"       -guest at 1st Thursday opening

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