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August 2nd - Sep 5th 2007 Exhibition: EGO

EGO - artifacts of interactive installation: large text on 5x4' canvas with acrylic paint, vinyl text hanging sculptures and sculptural components
an EGO experience

August 2nd - Sept. 5th, 2007
EGO - interactive installation during Artwalk of large vinyl text on canvas, paint and sculptural components

ego (noun) - the self, especially as contrasted with another self or the world

For the August 2nd ArtWalk at Rock|DeMent visual art space, Stephen Rock and Nichole DeMent presented a conceptual installation where visitors were invited to participate by painting over the large E, G, O mounted on the walls of Rock|DeMent as seen above. Other artists, children, and visitors of every age painted and were painted over during the experiential opening.

A reaction to the appropriated, ready-made, service bureau production direction of conceptual art, the artists turn the table by using text, signage and audience interaction to comment on the many manifestations of ego.

At 8:30pm, the vinyl letters were removed to recreate the text on canvas via the collaboration. The expended letters were then hung from the ceiling, an effigy & artifact of the experiential process of creating a collaborative ego.

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