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room installation of found objects + sumi & gouache paintings on paper
by Stephen Rock
wall installation: 8'x20'
print of trees, bird's nest, egg & nesting squirrels video
by Nichole DeMent

Rock|DeMent continues Nesting
     ...along with the rest of the species

Nichole DeMent has installed an 8' x 20' inkjet print of a local forest with a video of
squirrels nesting and a real bird's nest, complete with egg, soft sounds
of humming cars and chirping birds.

Stephen Rock's floor to ceiling room installation includes objects of human
nesting: filled boxes, containers, furniture and assorted items of
intrigue topped with a rocking chair and a well-used bird house. On the
east wall, his intimate sumi/gouache paintings on paper continue his
dialogue on the whimsical precariousness of daily life.

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