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Current Exhibition: energy in context

Stephen Rock | Rock Bros.
sculpture red fir / arborvitae / steel well casing with brass / rope
paintings sumi style on canvas

energy collides with canvas: marks are made
-Stephen Rock
Stephen's | Rock Bros. collaborative 14 ft. brush and large canvas' made with a hand built mill and log loading equipment, fill the space with energy while Nichole's photos use the paintings to reflect a micro/macrocosm of scale and context.

Nichole DeMent
photos pigmented prints

photos:Nichole DeMent ©2006

In the Galleries: September by Seattle P.I. Art Critic, Regina Hackett
"At Corridor Gallery at the TK Studios, 306 S. Washington St., James Cicatko is presenting curiously mute, large-scale paintings of political figures, including a 7-foot-tall Dick Cheney. Also at TK Studios, Stephen Rock shows off a 14-foot paintbrush and the painting he made with it, using log-moving equipment."

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