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energy via machine

Stephen Rock | Rock Bros.
14' paint brush sculpture red fir, arborvitae shrub,
steel well casing with brass & rope

large-scale paintings made with 14' brush using
industrial log loading machine

pigmented inks and acrylics on canvas
and sumi style on canvas

Nichole DeMent - photographic abstracts of Rock Bros. large-scale
canvas paintings

Nichole DeMent, c-prints
Portraits with Lens Cap On: Photographic Project on Consciousness

DeMent's ongoing exploration of human nature brings a body of portraits from a broad spectrum of society: housewife, hooker, street person, celebrity, child, CEO, Latino, Caucasian, Asian, African-American, heterosexual couple, homosexual couple, politician, emerging artist, sports team, college class participants, etc. The final photographs enlarged to 16x20" are all black, since the camera's lens cap was intentionally left on for one of the five images made in each sitting. The images are indicative of the photographic process by including the filed out negative carrier and sprocket holes of the filmstrip in the final print.

With this body of work DeMent questions identity via the physiology of seeing, or not seeing in this case. An enlarged black print offers no details to be used to assimilate details of the individual photographed. Besides the enlarged black print, the only clues provided during the final exhibition are a strip of 5 frames of 35-mm film next to a title card with the sitters name(s) or group affiliation such as, The Seahawks football team. While all perceptual details and classifications are left out, other factual details included are film ASA, camera and lens settings; additional photographic equipment used and their settings; time, longitude and latitude, general information on dress and regional atmospheric conditions at the time of the sitting. That every final print is blank, yet framed using glass that reflects anything in front of it is extremely relevant to the viewer.

8x8" prints on canvas $75 ea.
12x12" prints on canvas $125 ea.
~larger print sizes available on request
~discounted prices for groupings of 8 or more

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